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Watch Conrad and Birch Pereira and the Gin Joints on New Day Northwest

Conrad got to appear on New Day Northwest to help promote the new season moving to King 5, along with Birch Pereira and the Gin Joints being a musical guest! Be sure to tune in to Band in Seattle at our new home on KONG on Fridays at 12 and 12:30, and KING TV on Sundays at 11:35PM right after the news!

Grizzled Mighty, Actionesse do Band In Seattle

is gearing up for Season Five, which will air this fall on television. This means that Victory Studios is in the midst of taping a heap of live shows. This also means that they put on free concerts for a live studio audience, and they give said audience free beer. What more could you ask for? Free beer, great music, and fifteen minutes of fame really ought to cover a few bases here, especially when the show’s lineups are so damn good. For instance, Band In Seattle recently had The Grizzled Mighty and Actionesse in for a taping. And it was a stunner.

Actionesse has had a very busy summer, but we here at SMI don’t believe that there is such a thing as too much Actionesse. And, judging by the size and temperament of the audience at this taping, we’re all in agreement. Actionesse puts on one of the best live shows in Seattle right now, and they don’t do it by way of wacky outfits or fancy light shows: they do it by sheer force of intensity in both their music and their deportment. Well, and by frontman Ian Reed’s swirling, mesmerising mass of springy hair. They jumped. They rolled around on the floor. Brass man Joel Kenworthy ran into the crowd and started a conga line/circle pit. Has Band In Seattle ever had a conga line? Not that we can remember. Reed broke two strings on two different guitars. It was THAT kind of show.

It was ridiculously hot in the studio by the time Actionesse finished, the swampy vibe of which was a good starting point for The Grizzled Mighty. Coming in hot on the heels of the prior band’s frenetic performance, Ryan Granger and co. had some big shoes to fill, but while the stylistic change from hornpunk to filthy blues gave some whiplash, The Grizzled Mighty laid down their own vibe admirably.

Ryan Granger embodies The Grizzled Mighty, and has employed a rotating cast of characters (mostly drummers) as co-conspirators in the band. Presently, Joseph Braley, formerly of Maszer, is drumming, and for the first time the band has a bassist, Jewel Loree. Expanding the band from a duo to a trio definitely upped the ante as far as fleshing out the sound goes, and it also helps out on stage. Granger and Loree had great rapport, with both jumping off the drum riser and Granger playing his guitar high as Loree dropped down on her knees to play low. Granger also went out into the crowd to play (no circle pit, though). Their set ground through the band’s brand of thick, hazy, slide guitar ride of rock n roll.

Band In Seattle has a few more shows scheduled to tape for this season. SMI highly encourages you to check them out:

Band In Seattle highlights SnoCo sound

We can’t really recommend attending a Band In Seattle taping enough. The experience itself is one to remember; as is the usual case, the studio is much smaller in real life than it is on TV. Everything from the cameras on large boom arms to the copious amounts of free beer fills the room with palpable excitement. Smile folks, you’re on camera. And it’s true: you’re going to be on television, and maybe even streaming on Alaska Airlines flights.

On this particular evening, the show featured two bands that hail from Everett, and their contingent fan base made the trek south to the studio to support them. All jokes aside about the pairing of “Everett’s oldest and Everett’s youngest band,” it was a delicious bill that had Fuzz Mutt opening up for Oliver Elf Army, though each band will have their own episode. Which makes sense, because these bands can hold their own.

Fuzz Mutt was on fire. They seemed even more energized than they had been at their EP release show for COLORLESS a couple of weeks back. This extra zazz oozed out into the crowd, leading to the formation of a mosh pit, which was of recorded for posterity. The band played flawlessly and with fierceness, blistering through new tracks like “A Quiet End” and “The Doubt” while also breathing new life into some of their earliest tunes, such as the supremely catchy “3 A.M.” The band members, with Max Stephens on guitar/vox, Seann Groda on bass, and Jared Hoidal on drums, have a friendly yet reserved demeanor about them. It seems that they throw all of their intensity into their music, and we’re not complaining about that.

Oliver Elf Army is coming to steal your heart. If you haven’t seen them yet, watch their episode when it comes out. You’ll fall in love, and you’ll be surprised by it. Because Oliver Elf Army is sneaky like that. Mary and Martin Adams may not be anywhere near twentysomething, but they have more sass than musicians half their age. This comes into plain view when they play songs like “Judy Do You Ever Miss Hell” and “Booty Warrior,” take time to banter with the crowd, and share impish grins with each other. It also helps that they have Henry J. Yarsinske as their bassist, looking sporty and slinging his Jazzmaster to and fro, sliding into that low end like a beast. Martin took special time to get up on the drum riser and connect with Mary; he had professed earlier that he doesn’t get many moments away from the mic but obviously, this was a special show. They made heart eyes at each other. And slayed on TV.

You can find Band In Seattle’s recording schedule and purchase tickets here, and look for Fuzz Mutt and Oliver Elf Army’s episodes on KSTW soon.

Snuff Redux and Duke Evers on Band in Seattle

For more season four goodness, Band in Seattle pulled together another great lineup for the next episode. Bringing in Snuff Redux and Duke Evers for the night, the crowd was blessed with some great performances.

Snuff Redux, a low-fi garage rock band, opened up the night with some head-bangers. The sound of their set went all over the place; from more delicate nearly-pop songs like “Stop the Judge” to something edging on punk rock. But while their music went in all different directions, the energy stayed the same through their fantastic set as they passionately rocked out to each track with the crowd.

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Duke Evers Live on Band in Seattle – Seattle Music Insider

Now in its fourth season, Band in Seattle is on quite a roll. The web and tv series went live with Duke Evers and Snuff Redux, just the latest in a long string of the hottest local bands to play the show. In for quite a treat, the live studio audience filled in the basement of Victory Studios early to catch these two buzz-worthy bands tearing it up.

After Victory Studios’ founder Conrad Denke welcomed the crowd and thanked incredible sponsors like Northcoast Brewing, Sparkling Ice, Alaska Airlines, and American Music, host Chris Allen hopped on stage and the cameras were live.

Snuff Redux took the stage first with their unpretentious power pop. Guitarist/vocalist Skyler Ford dropped a paper plate in front of him, a set list scrawled down its surface. Their sophisticated pop played well to the crowd, sunny tracks bathed in a blanket of static. While they might be described as lo-fi, that certainly didn’t keep the band from rocking out. Tracks shifted from sweetly contemplative to brash and salty, clean, bright guitars echoing Ford’s vocals with wistfully plucked chords. They had the crowd dancing away.

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My Goodness and Mirror Ferrari deliver impressive sets on Band In Seattle


Band in Seattle, a local TV show filmed right at our own Victory Studios does a fantastic job of giving local artists a chance at the spotlight, and the recording of each episode is even open to the public for just the price of a $10 ticket. To kick off their fourth season, Band in Seattle brought in two killer local groups for their Friday night taping—Mirror Ferrari and My Goodness. The groups had incredible performances, and all in the intimacy of a small crowd for a short little night sure to leave an impression.

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Band in Seattle Kicks Off Season Four With a Stacked Lineup




Band in Seattle is set to begin filming the fourth season of the web and TV series next month. Thursday night’s show features last year’s EMP’s Sound Off champs, Cosmos, as well as the punk duo The Black Tones, and Friday features My Goodness, who opened 107.7 The End’s Deck the Hall Ball last December, and synth rock band Mirror Ferrari.

Band in Seattle is taped in front of a live studio audience, and ticket purchases come with 4 free drink tickets, with beer provided by North Coast Brewing Company.

This will be the first show Band in Seattle has hosted since the season closer last September at the Tractor Tavern with Hobosexual and He Whose Ox Is Gored in partnership with Macefield Music Festival.

Shows from season three are currently running on CW11, Saturday nights at 11pm, and the schedule for upcoming episodes can be found on, or weekly posts on Band in Seattle’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Tickets are available on through Stranger Tickets, or at the door the day of the show at Victory Studios. Doors are at 6pm, with the first band beginning promptly at 7pm. Victory Studios has limited, free, off-street parking.

Band in Seattle Returns with My Goodness and Cosmos


By Abby Williamson

Have you heard of Band in Seattle? No? Well now’s the time to enlighten yourself – or better yet – we’ll do it for you! Over 100 bands in, the local television and web concert docuseries is just about to start taping its 4th season. The taping on Thursday, February 9th features The Black Tones and last year’s Sound Off! champs Cosmos. On Friday you’ll get the chance to see Mirror Ferrari and My Goodness. Tickets are now available on

If you’ve never been to a taping of Band in Seattle, we strongly recommend it. Not only do you get two great bands for nothing more than a $10 ticket, but you also get free beer, snacks, and other non-alcoholic drinks for the all ages crowd. Tapings are family friendly as well, so if you’ve been wanting to bring your kiddo out to a show but haven’t been able to yet – you’re in luck! Last season, Band in Seattle featured Pig Snout, a band where 2/3 of its members are under the age of 12.

Doors open at 6 at Victory Studios, 2247 15th Avenue West between Queen Anne and Magnolia, just south of the Ballard Bridge. You get a chance to be on TV, and there’s free off-street parking (limited, of course). It’s not often that you can go out to a show on a weeknight and be home in time for the late night talk shows.

These tapings are just the first step of what becomes an episode of Band in Seattle. The shows air on CW11 every Saturday night at 11pm. Reruns of season 3 are currently airing until the new season premieres (date TBA). So now’s the time to catch up on all the bands the show has had on previously (all of which are on the show’s YouTube channel). There’s a new promo for the show, which you can check out below (with some of our favorites: Naked Giants, Fauna Shade, and Brent Amaker and the Rodeo).

Grab tickets for Thursday and Friday.

Law Claims “Victory” Over Amaker on Band In Seattle

Seattle Music Insider

By Mocha Charlie

Band In Seattle still continues to bring out great local bands and great crowds to their live taping events at Seattle’s, Victory Studios. On Friday night, Brent Amaker And The Rodeo and Fox In The Law took to the stage to perform a few songs, take part in a “Q&A” session with the audience, and record a live feature for Band Talk With Conrad Denke.


This band pairing drew record crowds, as the normal “seating” feature in the studio was eliminated, making room for more of a dancing/standing room only show. Both bands had the opportunity to captivate the audience, with Fox & The Law performing for what might have been the last time. The band has “officially broken up,” but remain friends, play in other bands, and have decided to put more energy into their other projects. They were asked to come together one last time, and jumped at the opportunity because of their friendship with members of Brent Amaker And The Rodeo.


Amaker’s set was a scaled down version of their usual show, what one might see at their next local show (Nectar Lounge, April 16). They usually always bring “stage hands” along, dressed in not-so-normal costumes while carrying equipment, assisting Amaker with instrument changes, etc., while their female performers were absent from the stage. Stage smoke, lasers, and the near absence of front lights (normal for their shows), allowed all members to stand out in silhouette. Amaker switched things up by performing with and without his guitar, and with and without his glasses, (which have become a signature look over the years).


Both bands participated in a highly humorous (particularly NSFW) segment of “Q&A” after their band performances. They also had a bit of fun with a contest determining which band knew more about music trivia. Fox And The Law received more right answers and were rewarded with a large stuffed dog. Runner up Amaker received a smaller stuffed bear, both wearing Band In Seattle t-Shirts.


Once they’ve edited it down for the 30-minute TV episode (later this year, it will air locally on The CW, Saturdays at 11 p.m.), it can be streamed on their website and will also be available on the app, Qello. Similar to Netflix, Qello is a music-only site which offers viewers a subscription for concerts and music performances, both from current artists and archived footage from those who no longer perform.


For full gallery, see the post on Seattle Music Insider.

“Band in Seattle” brings local music to your seat


The Seattle music scene doesn’t disappoint. After Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters found their success it seemed like artists flocked to the Emerald City and the music scene became one of the most cherished parts of Seattle culture.


Alaska Airlines passengers can now get a real taste of that culture while inflight. “Band in Seattle,” featuring local artists and bands, will now air on Alaska Beyond Entertainment giving passengers a look into real, local art.


For most of the artists, it is their first time being truly highlighted and noticed on a large scale. From country to grunge, the series takes on the huge Seattle emerging artist scene and captures it well.


“Our goal for inflight entertainment is to entertain our customers and help them discover new things,” said David Scotland, Alaska’s manager of inflight entertainment and connectivity. “With Seattle’s rich history of pioneering new music, it seemed like a natural fit to have Band in Seattle on our flights. We hope our customers love it.”


An Alaska Airlines million miler, Conrad Denke saw a need to help musicians take their work to the next level. “Band in Seattle” – a television and web series featuring emerging artists in the greater Seattle area – was Denke’s way of getting involved in the cause. Denke used to be a musician and feels a personal connection to up and coming bands.


Now, Denke owns Victory Studios, a Seattle/LA production company which is where the filming takes place. Along with director Nolan Lehman, Denke works with 20 crew members to produce the series in their Fremont studios, where tapings are open to the public. It airs on the CW channel KSTW (in Seattle) and on their website as well as the international concert web subscription service,


“I felt that I could provide a platform to serve my need [of getting new artists recognized] and at the same time give audiences increased access to great music and great stories,” Denke said.


The show features artists playing in a small concert setting along with interviews of the band members. The viewer gets the experience of being in the concert as well as some face-to-face time with the artists – that’s Denke’s favorite part, getting to know the members personally.


“They are a great group of people,” Denke said. “They work hard, sacrifice a lot for their art and give so much to their audiences. It’s an honor to get to know them and have an opportunity to help them promote their great work.”


Alaska Airlines is always looking for ways to promote local art and business. For Denke, putting the show on Alaska planes was an easy choice.


“Alaska Airlines reaches thousands of people every day,” Denke said. “Perhaps one day, someone with the right connections will see one of our bands and help take them to higher levels of success.”


Sit back, relax and get a taste of Seattle music from our planes and don’t worry about running out of content – “Band in Seattle” is gearing up to film season three in the coming months.


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2247 15th Ave West
Seattle, WA 98119

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