Now in its fourth season, Band in Seattle is on quite a roll. The web and tv series went live with Duke Evers and Snuff Redux, just the latest in a long string of the hottest local bands to play the show. In for quite a treat, the live studio audience filled in the basement of Victory Studios early to catch these two buzz-worthy bands tearing it up.

After Victory Studios’ founder Conrad Denke welcomed the crowd and thanked incredible sponsors like Northcoast Brewing, Sparkling Ice, Alaska Airlines, and American Music, host Chris Allen hopped on stage and the cameras were live.

Snuff Redux took the stage first with their unpretentious power pop. Guitarist/vocalist Skyler Ford dropped a paper plate in front of him, a set list scrawled down its surface. Their sophisticated pop played well to the crowd, sunny tracks bathed in a blanket of static. While they might be described as lo-fi, that certainly didn’t keep the band from rocking out. Tracks shifted from sweetly contemplative to brash and salty, clean, bright guitars echoing Ford’s vocals with wistfully plucked chords. They had the crowd dancing away.

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