Our buddies Actionesse are playing a MEGA EXCITING show!

Our buddies Actionesse are playing a MEGA EXCITING show with Finnish Folk Metal stars Korpiklaani next month (11/13) at El Corazon. If you want tickets without any fees, DM Actionesse on FB or if you’re heading out to any of their show this month you can buy... read more

Tune in to the livestream here at 7PM PST, Thursday night!

If you haven’t become a member for a spot on the list for the live show this Thursday with Fruit Juice and Trick Candles at Victory Studios, you can tune in to the livestream here at 7PM PST, Thursday night! Set a reminder, you won’t wanna miss it! Fruit... read more


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Every Friday Midnight – 1 Am

Kong TV Channel 6

Every Sunday Night at 11:35PM

King TV Channel 5

Upcoming Episodes
  • The Grizzled Mighty
    • Oct 12 – KONG TV @ 12:00am
    • Oct 14 – KING TV @ 11:35pm
  • My Goodness
    • Oct 12 – KONG TV @ 12:30am
  • Lions Ambition
    • Oct 19 – KONG TV @ 12:00am
    • Oct 21 – KING TV @ 11:35pm
  • Cosmos
    • Oct 19 – KONG TV @ 12:30am
  • Jessica Lynne
    • Oct 26 – KONG TV @ 12:00am
    • Oct 28 – KING TV @ 11:35pm
  • Afton Prater
    • Oct 26 – KONG TV @ 12:30am

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Grizzled Mighty, Actionesse do Band In Seattle

is gearing up for Season Five, which will air this fall on television. This means that Victory Studios is in the midst of taping a heap of live shows. This also means that they put on free concerts for a live studio audience, and they give said audience free beer.... read more

Band In Seattle highlights SnoCo sound

We can’t really recommend attending a Band In Seattle taping enough. The experience itself is one to remember; as is the usual case, the studio is much smaller in real life than it is on TV. Everything from the cameras on large boom arms to the copious amounts of free... read more